Lease Equipment to gain the leverage you need to expand your business

Lease Equipment to have better control over your company's finances

Lease Equipment to modernize your business's day to day operations

Types of Equipment Can You Lease

Many companies enjoy the flexibility, tax advantages, and streamlined technology benefits that come with equipment leasing. Even better, there is a wide array of equipment that a business can lease, and some leasing companies offer lease opportunities that fall under a big umbrella of options. Here is a look at a few equipment types you can lease.

Gym Equipment

Just about any piece of gym equipment can be leased. From treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes, to weight lifting equipment and full body workout machines, all qualify for gym equipment leases. Even tanning beds are available for lease.

Medical Healthcare Equipment

Perhaps more than in any other industry, it is critical that medical equipment in hospitals and doctor’s offices are up to date. Leasing provides this benefit, whether you need X-ray machines, dental equipment, computer technology, and more.

Temporary Structures

The tents come out for business parties, and many gatherings also require equipment such as tables, chairs and podiums. Companies that lease equipment ensure you get what you need for parties, trade shows, concerts, fundraisers and other important events.

Ground Transportation

Whether your business needs buses, coaches, limousines, vans, or other types of vehicles, you can get it much easier through equipment leasing. When you lease, you have more leverage to acquire commercial and specialty vehicles for a wide range of businesses.

Business Startups or Expansion

Other types of equipment that can be leased include construction equipment, oil and gas service equipment, recycling compactors, and even 3D printing equipment. The sky is the limit. If you need expensive equipment to open or expand your business, equipment leasing can make it happen.